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The Man Behind the Music...

CEO, and Founder of the Finger Cell Music Group was born in New York City, as
Felix N. Colón, a.k.a Felix Fingerz of Fingerz & Co., with a handful of CD's released as Phat Fingerz, Phat Fingerz & Co. and of course, some singles released as Boyz In The Lab.

The music he writes and produces is directly influenced by the Dance, Salsa, and Hip-Hop forms that predominate his culture and musical landscape; but interweaving or subtly beneath the surface, in a melody line, a chord progression or a riff, you can hear the echo of Pop, Jazz and even a Classical theme.

Getting his first taste of the music industry began when he won a WBLS City-Wide rap contest; "Break Against Graffiti", which was held at The Roxy's in New York, (later becoming, 1018), back in the 80's, where he Won first place for Best Written Lyrics in the Junior High School category.

As with all great producers, he bought turntables with his winnings, and did a few house-parties around the neighborhood. But, he felt CREATING what people danced to was more of his calling, rather than just playing the songs for them as a Dee-Jay.

His professional performance and appearance as writer, producer, and artist began in an ‘89 Dance Tour under his then stage name, Boyz In The Lab, to promote the movie; "An Eastside Story" (with Marc Anthony), available on DVD, that featured one of Fingerz' songs, "Fragile Heart", which he wrote, produced and also performed in the film. The track was edited by Carlos Berrios, of After Dark productions.

A follow-up single was in the works from Boyz In The Lab with another track written by Felix entitled: "Deadly Game", which was based on Aids awareness. He teamed up with Producer Vito Bruno on the project, but was put on hold by his manager at the time, Juan Toro and David Maldonado Management, due to the promoting and tour dates of the "Eastside Story" movie.

While surprising his fans, in the Fall of 2013, he finally released his classic, original and restored 'Boyz In The Lab' hit, "Fragile Heart", after 25 years. It's now available on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, iHeartRadio, as well as other online retailers.

In ‘90, Felix Fingerz went on to co-write & produce his official second single for Boyz In The Lab, "Nightmares of Tomorrow", which hit at number one on the Freestyle Classic of the Month chart in Pennsylvania, and became a club hit in New York, and Miami.

In ‘95, Fingerz was credited on the track for artist Lorenzo D'Lan as co-writer of "Don't Turn Our Love Away". He also acquired Editor credit for Clear Touch's self-titled debut CD for MicMac Records.

In ‘96, a Dance Compilation CD was manufactured entitled: 'Dance Transit' which featured his classic club hit, "Nightmares of Tomorrow", and was released by Elis Pacheco on his Brewster Records label.

Throughout his years in the industry, Felix Fingerz had established his DIGITRAX Recording Studio which had released all of his CD's, including "Sextassy Reggae Gold", and "Reggaeton Platinum" in ’01, two of his biggest selling, non-promoted CD’s for his Finger Cell Music Group company.

His CD, "Phat Fingerz & Co.: A Compilation of One", released in 2007, was the first Complete Music Collection written, and produced by Fingerz. A full-length follow-up CD, entitled: “Compilation of One: The Sequel”, was released in 2010. While the single; “Angel of the Night” was also released later that year for the Boyz In The Lab.

Since developing his Finger Cell Studio, a subsidiary of his Finger Cell Music Group company, he has already released several projects for various artists. The Single, "Better Than She" – (The Remix feat. GREY), was his first release of 2011. He’s also released an EP of GREY’s “Better Than She”, which he also wrote and produced, with 5 remixed versions of the track.

Another single from ‘Boyz In The Lab’, entitled: “Finally Friday”, was also released, and is available; (with 'Video' on YouTUBE.) One of his full-length albums of that year was his all-latin language project; “DIGITAL LATINO: Notas de Ayer” under ‘Fingerz & Co.'

As a writer, and story teller, Felix has also penned several movie scripts as a hobby, but his first Book, "SKELTON", published under his own Finger Cell Media, is available on Amazon as of January, 2015.

He's also released a Latin Hip Hop album with various artists entitled; "Phat Fingerz: 10th Anniversary" to commemorate his earlier projects produced over a decade ago.

The single - "Future Famous", available (with 'Video' on YouTUBE), was taken from his album; "FUTURE FAMOUS: The Album", by Fingerz & Co.

One of his projects of 2011 was the release of Grey's dance single, "Another Weekend Night". Her track was also written & produced by Fingerz, and released in late 2011. His single; “Another Weekend Night – The ReMix” (feat. Grey) by Fingerz & Co., is also available.

The Single, "Why Would I" by Fingerz & Co. (feat. Angel Solis) of 'Clear Touch', was also released in late 2011, as well as his holiday mix; "A Christmas Medley".

His full-length CD, "Ghost In The Room", is a full orchestral album composed, arranged, produced and performed by Felix Fingerz Colón, for Fingerz & Co. in 2012.

He’d also completed his first Episode of his (YOUTube) internet video prank show, “Hilarious Hoax”, which was produced by his Finger Cell Media/Future Famous Media Productions division, and hosted by Fingerz. Though the book and music aspect has taken up so much time, he has put that project aside after one episode, to continue on his writing, and productions.

He also considered launching his Active Wear brand, Future Famous; USA T’s, available as of 2013, but his extremely busy schedule has forced him to delay that active wear division as well, though the T-Shirts are displayed on his website, they are only now as a One-Of-A-Kind product since he's only manufactured one of each T-Shirt for himself during that time.

Felix is not only involved in every aspect of the Music Entertainment and Media industry, but he is very much involved in all of his graphic designs which he creates, not only for his Active Wear name brand and book covers, but for all of his record labels' CD cover artwork illustrated on his site, including the photography and modeling of the Artists, which he photographs and directs, himself, including the interviews and music videos.

He has completed writing and producing the debut album from Lillian Grey: "Shades of Grey", which was released June 4th, 2013 from his Finger Cell Music Group label, and he's also produced a string of ReMixes with Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Miley Cyrus, and Enrique Iglesias, just to name a few. His ReMixes are all available on YOUtube.

He was back in his lab producing the CD, "EDM: Phase One" which was released March 4th, of 2014, under his Fingerz & Co., though that album was a quick fun project, which also has a video available, he's also released the latest Salsa track for artist, EC Salsero, "El Sonero", as well as Fingerz' own "Best of Collection Vol.1" CD, under Fingerz & Co. which was released in May, of 2014. All songs property of his Felix N. Colón Music Publishing/ASCAP.

In 2015, he's written, produced & directed two Music Videos; one for "Movin' On' by Lillian Grey, and the second, "Sorrow" by Boyz In The Lab. Again, all available for viewing on his YOUtube Channels.

Catch Felix Fingerz hosting his new "Netflix Movie Reviews" channel on YOUtube, as well as on the Facebook Page under the same name.

He's also completed Season One of his show: "Finger Cell Media: The Animated Series" on YOUtube, and is currently streaming Season Two, "Finger Cell Media: The Inner City".

His 2016 Summer projects were "Sueños Del Caribe" by Boyz In The Lab. And the single: "Ol' Skool Throwback" by Fingerz & Co. Both music videos are available on YOUtube, as well as the tracks on iTunes.

Released late 2016, was his follow-up New Single, and Music Video; "I Still Breathe You" by Fingerz & Co. Available now, everywhere.

His song and Music Video releases of 2017 are “Beyond the Stars” by Fingerz & Co. and a (Bonus Music Video) of his track, “On The DL”. Available everywhere.

Production of his Late-Fall release project, "The Thought of You", by: Fingerz & Co. Both Music Video and track are now available.

He's recently released his 2018 single, and Music Video, "The Way" by Fingerz & Co. Available everywhere.

His latest single, and Music Video, "So I Wonder Now" by Fingerz & Co. is also now available everywhere.

He’s also released his “STORY TIME with Felix Fingerz” informative videos on YOUtube, and Facebook. It tells short stories of his life in and out of the entertainment industry.

He is planning on working on new projects for 2019; including singles with various artists for the New Year.

His latest release and Music Video is his New York Salsa track, "Me Esta Llamando" by: Fingerz & Co.

It's another busy year for Felix N. Colón, a.k.a. Felix Fingerz of Fingerz & Co. and his Finger Cell Music Group, company. © 2019.

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